Social Trade News : Do You Want Money Back ?

We know what you might have been looking from past few months is Social Trade Refund Policy and getting nothing except of Social Trade Latest News & Social Trade Refund Form.

Note : We have updated Article on 26 November 2017, in which we have also provided official news source about Albaze Info Limited for user sanctification. 

But, We bought here complete way to refund money from Social Trade Biz and will only be providing Latest News About Social Trade for you.

If you are reading this article then we assume that you are Social Trade Member who is looking for Social Trade Refund Form and Latest Social Trade Today's News.

And To get refund from Social Trade Biz You will need to fill Social Trade Refund Form with required information which we will be explaining further.

After many day there comes a good news today for Social Trade Members, that Government has got money from Anubhav Mittal owner of Social Trade Biz and is about to give it back to who so ever invested money in it . 

That is what we are going to share about below in details because of being very complicated case.

We will be only sharing  Social Trade Latest News of Today which we will be updating every day as per Information released from Government of India so all the information provided here are either from official or from Media updates.

We will be updating Latest News about Social Trade Biz & Current News, Social Trade Review, Social Trade News Updates from Government, New Refund Form and Latest News About Anubhav Mittal.

We will be replying  back to all query with the best solution to help every one getting money back from Social Trade Biz. 

Coming to Social Trade Scam, which aired on News Channel on Television gave shock to investor who had invested huge amount in it thus they feel like looted by them. 

Most of people were/are worried about money but Government come as God who announced that money will be credited to the people who it belongs.

Government recovered more than 500 Crore from Social Trade Bank Account and planning to give it back that is really great move for investor and each of it's member who were feeling looted. 

But, to have money back , you have to fill refund form of social trade.

Again, We will say. You will get your Money Back. 

Social Trade Refund Form 

As we told you above that getting money back from Social Trade Biz require few details of people who has invested money in it. So they need to fill the refund form that has been released by the 
Government of India.

How to Get Money Back From FrenZzup ?

We have gone though refund form on other website and found that all of them are just to grab attention. Even none of them is official because government released it but it is yet to reach many people that is the issue people has been facing from long time.

Here we are going to share how can you get money back from Social Trade ?

Steps to Get Refund From Social Trade:

Coming directly to steps you will need to proceed further.

1. You have to get Social Trade Refund Form once it issued by Government.

Note : Refund Form is yet to be released by officials. It will take some time.

2. After downloading form from give link ( which we will update after getting form ) you will need to fill all the required details including  your Name,  Address,  Mobile Number,  Social Trade ID,  Date of Payment and Total E-Point purchased.

3. That's where real work starts, You will have to make an affidavit with above mentioned details.

4. Once you have got above documents ready then wait for official information about address where you need to send your documents and then wait for their reply with money in back account.

Note : You may get people who will promise you to bring your money back from social trade but do not trust any one as you already lost your money and we do not want you to lose more. So have patience and keep checking this website for Latest News on Social Trade.

We know that Anubhav Mittal has been charged with running a Rs 3700 crore online scheme that later shocked other with Social Trade Scam. We have described each and everything about it that will give an Idea how they looted so much from people. 

The attached assets include balances in 14 bank accounts totalling Rs 543.81 crore, a fixed deposit of about Rs 52 crore with a Hyderabad-based mobile Payment Gateway company named Paynear Solutions, and a villa at Jaypee Greens in Greater Noida, whose estimated worth is put at Rs 3.6 crore. ~ Hindustan Times

But Before that why do not you read to Social Trade Latest News Today 2017.

Social Trade Latest News Today ( Highlights )

You have been reading Social Trade Latest News in Television or in Newspaper but getting nothing rather than hope of having money back from Social trade any how. 

Even people over the Internet started talking about it that created a buzz that money will be sent back to people whom it belongs but the fact is that Government has recovered only few amount and still investigating case.

According to our knowledge you will get refund from Social Trade once Police investigation is completed but till then you need to have patience.

As Police got more than 600 crore from various Social Trade Bank Account. It will take more time to recovered full amount. 

Good news for Social Trade Member is that Government is discussing way to give money back to people or investor via Social Trade Refund Form which you will need to fill in upcoming days.

For knowledge about Social Trade Scam we are sharing everything in timeline for understanding what happened when and where the case is heading.

Do you know Social Trade Scam Facts ?

1. Abubhav Mittal has been arrested by Police and questioned about Social Trade Scam.

2. Even People marched with candle at Jantar Matar to Support Anubhav Mittal.

3. Later online Multi Level Marketing Scam unearthed by Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF).

4. Then Anubhav Mittal’s business and residential premises along with documents worth crores has been seized by ED.

5. That's what every one want that is Money Laundering case against him has been filed under PMLA on an FIR of the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF).

6. What is more worst is Social Trade & FrenZzup com  is no more working.    

7. After closing down Social Trade Biz for making it sure that not more people fall into trap of it,  Police seized Rs.500 Crore in Social Trade Bank account. Source of News is Danik Jagran .

Anubhav Mittal Latest News ( Highlights )

1. Anubhav Mittal founder of Social Trade biz has been arrested on 2nd February 2017. After getting Social Trade into media, there were many speculations that were unearthen and then Police started investigating Social Trade Scam.

2. According to Social Trade Latest News, it will not work again in future and case is yet to investigated as Police has came to know about more scams going on like STB.

4. Anubhav Mittal was arrested on charge of 406 and 420 and trial is still going. Till then we can only wait for Government order to release money of people.

5. After the arrest of Anubhav Mittal there were many people who started supporting him despite of very serious allegation. People has not even been accepting the fact that he made the fool by looting money of them. But they still believe in him. Anyway, There are also many people who are looking for way to get their hard earned money back but waiting for government order.

6. Still they should be happy regrading arrest of Anubhav Mittal. Even some people often asked about his case and also urged to see it themselves. So we provided way to have a look at his case.

7. The father of Anubhav Mittal , who is accused of running a Rs 3,700 online Ponzi scheme, was arrested by Uttar Pradesh police’s special task force on 18 May 2017.  Source of News is  Hindustan Times .

8.  Crime Branch Team of Kanpur has released look out notice of Anubhav mittal's  wife and also raided on house for same but they didn't  find her.  Source of News is Danik Jagran.

How to Check Anubhav Mittal Case at online ?

We know most of you are following each Latest News on Social Trade  to know where the case is heading and what will be verdict of case at end. So, those who are interested in looking case information should follow this steps.

1. Visit court government site –

2. Enter CNR Number of Anubhav Mittal case and enter Captcha. 

Note : Anubhav Mittal Case CNR Number is UPGB040096902017.

3. Now Click on “Search” button.

4. Just Scroll down and See the Result. 


Social Trade News Update : Check Anubhav's Master Plan For Looting People

Anubhav was playing so well that he has made three different companies to keep doing what he has planned to make money from other's money and the game is way more complicated than anything which you can understand by this that he has 3W Digital company that was made to send people from Ablaze Info Solutio to it.

And he also has another company doing exactly the same by moving everything including people and their money from to FrenZzup Login which too comes under 3W Digital.

You Must Read : How to Get Money From FrenZzup ?

We know its very complicated but that's what he did to make you fool. But sooner or later he got arrested by police which saved many people's money who are about to invest in it.

Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) cought his business and started investigating because of so many Social Trade Complaints from it's member. 

And UP STF raided Social Trade on complaint made to it and found out who is looting people by doing what that unearthen many social trade scams running behind name of froud company name.

Since Social Trade Scam, we came to see many expert who has been advicing to people who easily get into trap of this company in hunger of making money fast. But to be honest there is no short cut to success. It's true you need to work hard to make money. Just like nothing come easy, no one can become rich by only clicking on third party ads.

So, be aware of any company which offer something like Social Trade and promise to make you rich over night. If you find any company doing so or having same intention then report or lodge complaint about it to near by police station.

Where is Social Trade Member's Money ?{ Revealed }

We know that everyone is worried about their money so is they looking for way to get it back from Social Trade by any way. And why not to get money. It's all your hard earned money and it should be sent back to you.

For now, there is just a hope that after investigating of Social Trade Scam, what so ever money will be recovered will be deposited in Government account which there after will be send back after verifying member so that money will reach to right people.

As, there are many people like you who is also seeking money, They may be thinking atleast they get half but thing is patience is what we need to get money back. 

Trail of Anubhav mittal is still going on and Government is still recovering as much money as they can by investigating and knowing more account details.

Once case is closed, Wait for government to announce that we are sending money of people soon.

That is how MONEY WILL BE SENT by Government. So do not rush and get panic because you will get money late but you will surely get it.

Do you know 3700 Crore looted in 1 year ?

According to Social Trade Today News , Ablaze CEO Anubhav mittal has been arrested on charge of fraud and money laundering. They have fooled more than 7 lakh people in past one year from whom they looted around 3700 crore. 

3700 crore is just an estimate there is lot to be dig in Social Trade Scam to know how many people were fooled. 

Government of India is taking note of every point from investigating officers so that they can track where case is moving.

So to know each details, You must check Social Trade News Updates, Latest News About Social Trade,  Anubhav Mittal Latest News,  Latest Social Trade News Today, Social Trade Refund Form and Social Trade Biz News.

You may find many buzz but most of them will be just buzz created just for sake of attention. But, here we will only be making an Social Trade News updates when it will released by Government and Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF).

Now you might be thinking that How can you get money from 

Social Trade ? 

Right ? Then read further. 

Why Are Not You Getting Money From Social Trade ? 

If you are Social Trade Member then you must be aware that money you paid was Digital Marketing fees. which the Ablaze Info kept in bank with agreement signed with you for year.

And rest you know what was that, Because repeating same will be like putting salt on burnt body.

So, coming to topic, Your money was kept in bank account by company which mean your money is safe and waiting for ending of case.


It's because UP STF has freezed all of the company's bank account so that not even single penny of member will be spent on case.

So, have patience it will not take much time as it seem that case is about to come to end.

Even Anubhav agreed to pay money back to members.

If you will get money then How ?

How Will You Get Money From Social Trade ?

You know that Anubhav is running company which offer their member ship for 5750-57500 INR and in return they give you opportunity to earn 5 INR per click.

That's how they looted 3700 crore. 

Now, As company is closed and all the bank account is freezed, Money of investor kept on hold in their account which they will release once case is over.

So, You need to wait for final verdict of court because either will you get money or not will depends on last judgement of court.

There are some more name of company which they kept changing from Social Trade biz to, Frenzzup. com, and We will also be sharing update on all. so keep in touch with us for more Social Trade Latest News Updates.

Social Trade Biz News Updates 26 November 2017 )

According to Latest News About Anubhav Mittal's Social Trade Scam, Enforcement Directorate has summoned Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui and his brother Shamshuddin after finding link betwen Siddiqui and Albaze Info Limited. 

ED has been investigating Social Trade Scam, Team have unearthed links between the directors of Webwork Trade Links Private limited and actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Enforcement Directorate even served a notice to the alumnus of National School of Drama, for an explanation from him ( actor) over transactions of about Rs 1.15 crore . The actor had received Rs 1.15 crore for his services. 

Read Further on Social Trade Updates Official Source . 

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That's  it, We will be updating Social Trade Refund Form as soon as Government make announcement.